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Beware of Energy Drinks

Written By FATAMORGANA on Kamis, Februari 17, 2011 | 2/17/2011

Incessant promotion of energy drinks are flooding our media, both print and electronic, make some people wonder whether in fact these energy drinks? Are energy drinks safe for me? A vigorous campaign that suggests that energy drinks are beverages that free drink. But is it? Let's look together with the following inscription.

Energy drinks is a kind of soft drink that contain caffeine and other stimulant substances such as ephedrine, guarana, and ginseng. This drink does not contain more calories than soft drinks, but is believed to increase stamina for those who drink it.

'The findings were based on a review of the literature on energy drinks,''said the researchers at the University of Miami in the study results that appear in the journal Pediatrics.

Many energy drinks are checked turned out to contain three times the caffeine of cola. Some of them even more than fivefold. The report of the study.

The results showed that the caffeine in beverages can aggravate heart conditions, especially in children with eating disorders. Caffeine also interfere with calcium absorption and bone mineralization in young adolescents.

According to this study, energy drinks generate extra calories that can contribute to diabetes, high body mass index and dental problems. ''Energy drinks also contain additional ingredients that can raise levels of caffeine,''the study said.

The study also found that many children and young adults in the United States has tried energy drinks. Some of them even become heavy consumers.

A survey found that 51 percent of students reported they regularly consumed one or more of the bottles of drinks per month. The majority of students drink it several times a week. ''Lack of sleep and the desire to increase energy consumption is cited as a reason for it,''the study said.

Drinks were not regulated in the United States. ''The number of caffeine overdose from which they drink remains unknown,''said the study. But Germany, Ireland and New Zealand, according to this study, have reported cases of liver damage, kidney failure, seizures, confusion and arrhythmias associated with the use of energy drinks.

To remember that the Do not ever drink "energy drinks" in the condition where the body's activities that emit a lot of sweat, because the diuretic effects of caffeine will cause dehydration. Do not also drink sports drinks to offset the side effects of alcohol.

There are some people who drink "energy drinks" to help restore the effects of drowsiness caused by alcohol. This is very dangerous, because it can cause caffeine intoxication. Under the influence of alcohol, you will drink too much caffeine. You also must understand that caffeine does not reduce the amount of alcohol in the body, so that when the effect of stimulating / wary of caffeine disappeared, you will be confronted with the sleepy effects of alcohol that has not been lost.
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  1. i like pure water than energy drink

  2. ada gerangan apa nih ?? kok blognya in english semua,,,,??

  3. Pada pakai bahasa Inggris. Jadi kurang bisa memahami. Yang pasti I like water. Sorry my English is very bad.

    Salam ukhuwah

  4. wah energi drink berbahaya ya?? white water aja deh hehe air putih maksudnya

  5. Many people love to drink this kind of beverage, especially workers at the factory. They believe that they can gain more power by taking the beverage, but they still don't know about the side effect :(

  6. apakah baik mengonsumsi minuman seperti itu



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