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Wakatobi Government Collaboration, conservation organization World Wide Fund for Nature Indonesia (WWF-Indonesia), and home production film work has yielded SET movie "The Mirror Never Lies". The film, directed by Kamila this Andini marine themed and picked up the story in the Wakatobi Bajo tribe, Southeast Sulawesi, part of the Coral Triangle of the world.

Bajo sailors known as reliable, nomadic life, and spread all over the world. They are easily found in the Coral Triangle region; sea area that stretches across six countries and is known as an area that has a wealth of marine biodiversity in the world. Ironically, an important site of the world was becoming threatened by destructive fishing practices. While climate change factors are also thought to have an impact on socio-economic life of people living in the vicinity. 126 million human lives and thousands of key species in the sea are now increasingly terdesak.Suku Bajo whose entire existence rests on the sea is one of the most feel the impact of environmental degradation.

"In the midst of the climate problem and change the behavior of the sea, the sea becomes important to understand the culture, especially for Indonesia, which is a maritime nation. The film is an attempt to understand the culture of the sea. This is the story of those who live under the sea. Sea provide new news in its own way; this is the most important part of this film, "said Garin Nugroho, one of the producers of The Mirror Never Lies.
Synopsis The Mirror Never Lies

The wealth of marine life in local policy and tribal Wakatobi Bajo recorded and visualized through drama film about a little girl named, Pakis (12) tried to find the father who disappeared while in the ocean. Pakis do Bajo tribe ritual in which they believe by using mirrors, Pakis hope and kept waiting to see the shadow of his father.

However, what he expects never seen. Hope Pakis are often destroyed by his mother, who tried to cover up the incident Tayung the truth. Disclaimers conducted Tayung made ​​her wear white powder on his face, a tradition in the Bajo tribe. While trying to be destroyed by his mother, but hope remains large fern.

Together with her ​​best friend, Lumo, Pakis continue to seek answers in the Wakatobi Marine. Problems and conflicts with her ​​mother's increasingly complicated Pakis when Tudo, a researcher at the dolphin show into their lives. To four characters and then interact with each other in everyday life and they also have the interpretation of each of the sea. However, they agreed that the sea was the one who helps them find their identity
"The Mirror Never Lies" was awarded Honorable Mention from the Global Film Initiative. Honorable Mention awards obtained under the criteria of artistic presentation, storylines, and cultural perspectives in everyday life.
Trailer The Mirror Never Lies

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  1. Sukses buat Pemerintah Kabupaten Wakatobi, organisasi konservasi World Wide Fund for Nature Indonesia (WWF-Indonesia), dan Kamila Andini sutradara "The Mirror Jangan Lies" atas prestasinya dianugerahi Honorable Mention dari Global Film Initiative, dimana penghargaan yang diperoleh berdasarkan kriteria presentasi artistik, alur cerita, dan perspektif budaya dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Kita tunggu aksi dari kabupaten lainnya!

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